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98010 SVR-25 LEVEL ROD 10THS (SECO) Oval Rod 25 FT

98010 SVR-25 LEVEL ROD 10THS (SECO) Oval Rod 25 FT

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Product Description

The SVR Series leveling rod is the most popular rod on the market today. It features some recent design improvements that keep it on top as the industry standard. This 25-foot, 10ths-graduated rod features a shorter collapsed length (58-1/2 inches) for more convenient storage. The new sleeker design also features a lighter weight. It's constructed of strong, rigid fiberglass with reinforcing ribs for added stability. This 6-section leveling rod is waterproof and non-conductive. The rectangular-oval shape allows for wide, glare- and wear-resistant scales. A tight locking mechanism features round buttons that resist jamming from sand and dirt. Features a 1/4" x 20 female adapter on the top section.